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1546: The Compass improved: The Spanish improved on the Chinese invention of the compass by installing it within a set of gimbals. Gimbals invented by the Chinese about 100BC. (Source: James/Thorpe).
1545: England, Henry VIII shuts down the long use of brothels , which earlier had been officially sanctioned. Officially, brothels were never re-opened. (R. Brasch, How Did Sex Begin?)
1544: More to come.
1543: Copernicus suggests the earth is not the centre of the universe and thus shocks the Catholic Church.
1542: Spanish Mexico: A fleet of six ships under Ruy Lopez de Villalobos leaves port of Navidad with orders from the King of Spain to colonise The Islands of the West, that is, the Philippines, and to seek gold, spices and other trade goods. Voyage across the Pacific took three months. Villalobos spent a year trying to found a colony about Mindanao but failed and resorted to the Moluccas where he died of fever. Spain did not try the Philippines again till 1565.
(Estensen, Discovery: The Quest for the Great South Land )
1542: Portuguese sent by the Pope protect Ethiopia from Moslems and for the first time Ethiopia is under Catholic influence within Christianity. (In 1632, Emperor Fasilidas expelled Jesuits and closed the country to foreigners.)
1542: France: Jean Rotz produces a manuscript, Boke of Idrography on hydrography and marine sciences, earliest of the major works of the Dieppe school of maps. Rotz, of Scots descent (Ross), presented his book to Francis I, but got no position at court, so he went to England to present it to Henry VIII, to be rewarded with post of Royal Hydrographer till Henry’s death in 1547. Rotz had sailed to Guinea (West Africa) and Brazil in 1539. He may also have sailed with the Parmentiers to Sumatra in 1529-1530. In 1529 he seems to have been in the Western Pacific.
1541: Dies in the Spanish New World: Francisco Pizzaro (c1471-1541). Discoverer and conqueror of Peru. He accompanied Balboa on discovery of the Pacific Ocean. In 1522 Pizzaro dreamed dreams of conquest to the south, and he sailed down the west coast of South America. He returned to Seville in Spain by 1828 and by 1829 was made governor and captain-general of New Castile. (The South American coast he had seen). Pizzaro is joined by his brother Hernando. Pizzaro in 1541 is assassinated by followers of his Spanish enemy, Diego de Almagro. Half-brother of Francisco was Gonzalo Pizzaro (C1505-1548), In 1539, an ex-miner at Potosi mines, Gonzalo becomes governor of Quito, later governor of Peru. He was executed by an enemy on 26 June 1546.
1541AD: Hungary: After the Turkish occupation of Buda in 1541, the region of the Great Plain becomes part of the great Ottoman Empire which stretches over three continents.
1540: Execution for treason of Thomas Cromwell , earlier chief adviser to King Henry VIII of England.
1540: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado takes 2000 men into the deserts north of Mexico in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola, which legendarily had palaces and temples filled with gold and silver. In the present-day New Mexico. What was found was a humble Zuni Indian settlement.
1539: Maritime history: Orellan’s voyage down the Amazon River.
1538: Flemish cartographer Gerard Mercator publishes his map of the world. He adopts the view of Magellan, that about the area of Tierra del Fuego is a large land mass, a southern continent of unknown extent, terra incognita .
(Estensen, Discovery: The Quest for the Great South Land )
1537: Maritime history: Pedro Nunes discovers the Loxodrome.
1537: Spanish Conquistadors searching for “legendary El Dorado” reach Columbia and loot the burial places of Indian priests and chiefs, also ransacking gilt-lined temples and palaces. This is in the Great Lakes region of Columbia, location of the ancient Sinu sanctuaries. Today (March 2001), a tomb-looting indigenous tribe continue the looting, the Guaqueros, their chief named Jaunito. These looters either sell artefacts, or if no buyer can be found, melt them down. There is a legal artefact-manager in the country, the Gold Museum in Bogota – which evidently cannot stamp out looting. (From an article by Francois Guenet in The Australian Magazine , 3-4 March, 2001).
1536: Spaniard Hernando de Grijalva, possibly on orders from Cortes, after going to Mexico from Peru, on returning home decides to turn his ship into the Pacific. Arises an obscure story, that his ship ran short of water and provisions, was blocked by strong northeasterly winds, his crew mutinied, killed Grijalva, and headed for the Moluccas. They were shipwrecked off New Guinea and probably killed except for a few survivors who were ransomed by some Portuguese.
(Estensen, Discovery: The Quest for the Great South Land )
1536: Further on the destruction of the Inca Empire: From about 1432, the Incas had developed an astronomical/astrological system which allowed belief also in a dire prediction about the demise of what became their empire, more or less a self-fulfilling prophecy, after five rulers had exercised power. Disasters on earth would echo disasters in the skies/heavens, in conformity with the formula, “as above- so below”. The time of disaster coincided with a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. As to disaster, the Inca Empire had a population of more than five million. Within 50 years of the arrival of the Spanish from 1532, five million Incas had died. But the tragedy had been long foretold, and during the lead-up to their demise, the Incas had tried to stave off or forestall disaster by engaging in child sacrifice (every fourth year, and/or at an annual solstice,. the victims aged 7-12), in a deliberate effort to rearrange earthly patterns so that the heavenly patterns became more congenial.

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