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To those who haven’t made it, I hope that what I’ve written does help a little bit. Please keep on working, dig deeper and deeper, and have fun.
Eva-Maria Kunz, ceiba editions.
The 2017 shortlisted dummies have been exhibited at:
Lodz, Fotofestiwal 30 May to 12 June.
Rome, Fotoleggendo 16 June to 2 July.
Madrid, IED 3. – 13. November.
Istanbul Photobook Festival:
Organvida Festival Zagreb:
The winning books:
Mathieu Asselin »Monsanto, a photographic investigation«
Chosen unanimously by the jury, Monsanto offers amazing photographic insight into the past and present of the chemicals and plastics corporation. The book combines archival materials from the company with a range of portraits and landscapes directly affected by the environmental consequences of industrial production. The relevance of the topic is presented in a perfect package of photography, design and text. A rational kind of protest book, a true winner.
Ruben Lundgren / Jury.
In Recruit we follow the job-hunting experience of one of the 500,000 students graduating in Japan every year. The photographs are cleverly enhanced with typed-in text messages, emails and advertising materials. Thank you for your application, you got the job!
Ruben Lundgren / Jury.
Zhang gives a portrait of contemporary Chinese society linked to her own past. She combines her documentary work with old images from her personal photo albums and images found on the web. The playful design makes the book a real page-turner.
Ruben Lundgren / Jury.
The sense of belonging and the issue of identity are at the base of this beautifully conceived book on the Saharawi, an exiled people living in the Saaharian desert and waiting 40 years to go back home. It was constructed as a journal but it has an acute intensity of a novel. We experience the building up of a highly intense emotional story but it is never entirely disclosed and one that we will never know the ending. By presenting images that range from a harsh reality of everyday life to satellite photos we become aware of its fragile existence as if suspended in a non place in this world. It makes us fully aware of what indifference towards others makes of us.
Claudia Jaguaribe / Jury.
Claudia Jaguaribe (Photographer, Publisher, Sao Paulo)
Ruben Lundgren (Artist, WassinkLundgren, Beijing)
Rong Rong (Artist, Director and Founder of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing)
Chen Shen (Curator, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing)
Guy Tillim (Photographer, Capetown)
Sybren Kuiper (Book Designer, The Hague)
Pierre Bessard (Publisher, Editions Bessard, Paris)
Richard Reisen (Verlag Kettler, k-books, Cologne)
The Fotobookfestival Kassel invites every year all photographers to present their so-far unpublished* photobooks to an international public and to eminent experts. In 2016 we have got 476 boook dummies from 51 countries. Our shortlist-jury selected the best 52 books. These will be exhibited at international photo events*. From these 52 titles, 3 winners will be chosen by an international jury of experts during the 8. Fotobookfestival Kassel at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing. The winner of the First Prize will be given the opportunity to realize their dummy as a »real« book in cooperation with our production partner, Verlag Kettler, Germany. The Second Prize is a book production voucher valued at € 500; the Third Prize is a voucher valued at € 300 given by our partner, k-books.
*All shortlisted books have been exhibited at the following photo events:
8. Fotobookfestival Kassel / Beijing : 11 June – 3 July.
Fotoleggendo, Rome : 10-26 June.
PhotoIreland, Dublin : 1-31 July.
Fotogalleriet, Oslo : 8-14 September.
Organ Vida Festival, Zagreb : 13-21 September.
Encontros da Imagem, Braga : 21 September – 5 November.
Photobook Week Aarhus, Galleri Image : 29 September – 9 October.
IED, Madrid : End of 2016.
Format Festival, Derby : 23 March – 23 April, 2017.
Eva Gravayat (Curator, Berlin)
Klara Kallstrom (B-B-B-Books, Stockholm)Thobias Faldt (B-B-B-Books, Stockholm)
Jeffrey Ladd (Photographer, Cologne)
Frederic Lezmi (Photographer, ThePhotoBookMuseum, Cologne)
Markus Schaden (The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne)
Richard Reisen (Verlag Kettler, k-books, Bonen)
Dieter Neubert (Fotobookfestival, Kassel)
Rita Alaoui & Anna-Sabina Zurrer (CH) »The Alphabet Connection« Mathieu Asselin (US) »Monsanto A Photographic Investigation« Anna Bauer (DE) »Welcome to UkrEuRu. Die mediale (De-)Konstruktion der Krise« Valentino Bellini & Eileen Quinn (IT) »Limbo« Caroline Bottcher (DE) »Mont Klamott, Berliner Trummerberge« Fabiola Cedillo (EC) »Los mundos de TITA« Flaminia Celata (IT) »Olivier« Wenjun Chen & Yanmei Jiang (CN) »Me and Me« Martin Cregg (IE) »Midlands« Sebastien Cuvelier (LU) »Eunma Town« Robin Dahlberg (US) »Billable Hours in 6-Minute Increments« Dusan Djordjevic (RS) »SIV-TIME CAPSULE« Jolanta Dolewska (GB) »Reservoir« Julie Glassberg (FR) »Bike Kill« Pedro Guimaraes (PT) »How To Fly« Kai-Uwe Gundlach (DE) »The One On The Right Is On The Left« Stefan Hammer (DE) »Mao’s Paradise« Caro Hutchings (GB) »Democratic Landscape« Lena Jakubcakova (SK) »In Seclusion / File 44« Korhan Karaoysal (TR) »ReasonPurpose« Ines Konitz (DE) »Eleganza in movimento« Peter Kreibich (DE) »For Sale« Peter Kreibich (DE) »Sarajevo Fragments« Anna Krieps (DE) »Blazar« Ikuru Kuwajima (RU) »Volga After Volga« Quentin Lacombe (CH) »Released from Jail« Tomasz Laczny (GB) »40« Dieter De Lathauwer (BE) »I loved my wife (killing children is good for the economy)« Marco Leitermann (DE) »Joseph aka Sepp« Kristina Lenz (DE) »Don’t touch me I’m full of Snakes« Francois Marmion (GB) »Bloody Holiday« Lucie Marsmann (DE) »Ulla & Willi« Mi-Yeon Mi-Yeon (JP) »I and Thou« Nikola Mihov (BG) »Hello and Welcome to Paris« Linda Nau (DE) »Nur zum Meer ist es ein wenig weit« Hiroshi Okamoto (JP) »Recruit« Liz Orton (GB) »A Handful of Soil for the Whole Horizon« Gloria Oyarzabal (ES) »La Picnolepsia de Tshombe« Melina Papageorgiou (DE) »Burkini« Kristine Potter (US) »Manifest« Caio Reisewitz (BR) »Naufragio« Sara Sallam (EG) »The Invisible: Faith as a Phenomenon« David Schikora (DE) »No Tips No Show« Linn Phyllis Seeger (DE) »I’ll tell you about it because I am here and you are distant« Nishant Shukla (IN) »Seeking Moksha« Alnis Stakle (LV) »Melancholic Road« Miriam Stanke (DE) »And the Mountain said to Munzur: You, River of my Tears« Marco Tiberio (IT) »Immo Refugee« Katja Vogel (DE) »Wirrungen & Willkur« Xiaoxiao Xu (NL) »Orim Oil« Ksenia Yurkova (RU) »Empty Expectations« Lijie Zhang (CN) »Midnight Tweedle«

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